“Life is beautiful, cherish every moment” is the firm belief
of our photographer, Shrirang Khandekar.

But how to capture and protect the treasured moments?
Etch them in memory, yes. But what happens when memory fades?

For ages we have used drawings, paintings, and writing memoirs as tools
to preserve our treasured moments. Modern technology has gifted us
a new tool – camera.

Photography has become the modern way to cherish precious moments.

Shrirang Khandekar has many years of experience in photography.
Started as a hobby, photography soon turned into passion for him.
His style is driven by the principle that every picture must tell its own story.
Some call this style as visual storytelling.

Shrirang now offers his services as a freelance photographer.

So welcome aboard.
Contact us to capture your lovely moments, nee your memoirs.
Be it in a portraits session, or in a family celebration, or with lovely lil’ ones,
or capturing your creations – interiors, architecture, fashion designing …,
or anything else that captures your heart. The list can go on and on.

Just get in touch with us and we will be there to capture your stories.